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Welcome to the Matrix Amplification Global Webshop! We ship from the UK directly to your door, all over the world. Delivery is quick with most shipments arriving in just 2-4 working days so you don't have to wait an eternity for the tone of your dreams.

Please note: Currently we ship from the UK. Inside Europe there are no duties to pay ( just VAT ). We cannot guarantee import duties will not be levied for deliveries outside Europe. In some countries there are minimum amounts before an import duty is charged, and certainly in some countries it seems to be only a percentage of packages that get charged duty. For countries outside Europe your best course of action is to search Google (or your other favourite search engine) for import duty to you country or look at your government or local territory website for info. To avoid being charged cash on delivery it's best if you leave either a contact number or email with your shipping details.


There's a review of the Matrix GT1600FX amplifier over on Guitar Intercative.

We always love to hear our gear being used and they certainly seem to have got to grips with it:

"This little powerhouse is pushing up the volume in the studio today ... trust me, this thing is loud!"

Check out the review here and then go grab one, you bass players will love it.

IGuitar screenshot



FRFR goes lightweight!

Matrix Elements are happy to present the new FR10 and FR12 lightweight full range cabs. These cabs have taken the best elemnts from our Neolight range of lightweight guitar cabs and married them to a brand new Class A/B power module specifically designed for these cabs. The lightweights Neodymium speakers, cab construction and new module all go to make the FR10 and FR12 an ideal choice for portable gigging and practice solutions, especially when coupled with the new range of floor based modelers such as the Fractal Audio AX8, Line 6 Helix or the lightweight Kemper Profiler "toaster". Useful DSP features built in to the module complete the feature set and the 300w power module means there's enough volume for gigging or rehearsal. With the FR10 weighing in at 9.7kg and the FR12 at 13kg, load ins will certainly be a whole lot easier!


Announcing the Matrix FR212

fr212 cabinet

The Matrix FR212 is a high power, high quality FRFR backline solutuion designed to deliver the ultimate sonic performance whether in your practice room or out on tour. Featuring 2 high power 12" neodymium drivers and a 1" compression driver, the FR212 has been designed to deliver the flattest possible response and astounding clarity.

Whether you are a "heavy" player looking for a deep response for your 7 or 8 string guitar ... a clean Jazz/Acoustic player looking for the ultimate clarity and maximum headroom, the FR212 is the perfect solution.

You can Buy Here the cabs are in stock for immediate despatch.

Something a little more traditional for you sir?

The Matrix "Neolight" NL12 is an astonishingly light 1x12" guitar cabinet offering an extended frequency response, allowing it to produce lows deeper than it's small size might suggest, with strong, clear highs. Use it with your traditional valve heads, or hook it up to your modeller. Either way, you'll have a blast. You won't miss any tone, and one things for certain, your back will appreciate it!

Choose from either 8 Ohm or 16 Ohm versions.

Theres an excellent review by Cooper Carter if you want to hear what our cutomers say.

NL12 cabinet


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